OSAI, a company specialised in numerical control since 1957, started  within the machine tool division of Olivetti and gradually expanded its activity into the international market. Today, in metal, woodworking, plastics, glass and stone machining, OSAI drives the most advanced motion control evolutions in terms of technology, costs optimisation and product customisation. With over 60,000 CNC applications installed worldwide to date, OSAI has taken the modularity and precision of CNC systems to new standards in partnership with numerous machine tool builders, while encased with a single vision synergy to constantly enhance and evolve the products and techniques currently available. The sophisticated axis dynamics control, various powerful user interfaces and the possibility to work with the most common fieldbuses in the machine automation market make OSAI a reliable and trustworthy partner for the most important manufacturers in the market.

One of our main goals is to provide our customers with a timely and efficient technical assistance. 
We work with a service network so widespread in Italy and abroad through highly qualified and skilled technicians capable of working on all types of controls and drives OSAI.

Our offer includes:

  • Direct Service: consulting and interventions in field to identify problems and minimize downtime
  • Maintenance Contracts: full service on site that extends the product warranty with different types of contract, from '"all inclusive" to the contract containing only the service
  • Repair: a repairs laboratory equipped with diagnostic and testing dedicated systems. We can repair all our products, even those obsolete for over 20 years
  • Retrofitting older systems with modern and reliable electronics
  • eshop for the supply of spare parts and products for the End User, including industrial PC suitable for use in the workshop.


Find out more information on our website  www.osaicnc.com


OSAI cnc S.r.l.

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Via Torino, 14
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