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10/110 control unit with 3 analog axes

The 10/110 CNC is a "tiny and speedy"  models : in the space normally needed for the operator panel alone we have integrated the whole numerical control unit and its components. The physical support of the CNC consists of a metal case containing the system CPU board and is directly connected to the operator panel.The front panel with the 10.4” TFT colour monitor holds the operator console, 6 function keys with LED's which the OEM can use for customising via the machine logic and the 3 keys for CYCLE START, HOLD and RESET.

The 10/110 is a single process controller which can manage 3 analog axes.
The system CPU board includes:

  • 64 bit 133 MhZ processor
  • 8 Mb RAM memory
  • 800 Mb Hard Disk
  • 670 Kbyte of RAM memory reserved for the Machine Logic
  • Keyboard Interface
  • FDU Interface
  • Video interface
  • Console interface
  • 1 RS-232 serial line
  • 1 RS-232/422/485 serial line
  • 3 Encoder channels
  • 4 D/A converters
  • 1 A/D converter 12 bits
  • 48 local inputs 10 mA
  • 24 local outputs 300 mA
  • 1 probe input
  • 1 emergency relay
  • 24V Power supply
  • 1 free slot for expansion board (Codes 291127M and 291235Z)


The system is completed by the external keyboard (code 93000322D) and the connection cable (code 93000354E).

The CNC does NOT include the system software (E69 KIT Software Machining Center), hardware options and expansion boards.
BEFORE you replace the control, it is recommended that you have the installation discs of the Software Release and the back up of the application of the machine (AMP configuration, machine logic , Part Program, tool tables, etc ...)

Please specify the COM2 configuration by adding a note (while entering the order) with the following codes. 
Code:          93000900K : for requesting the tuning of the RS-422 line on COM2
Code:          93000901C : for requesting the tuning of the RS-485 line on COM2


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