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10/110 control unit with 3 analog axes and Ethernet interface

The 10/110 CNC is a "tiny and speedy"  models : in the space normally needed for the operator panel alone we have integrated the whole numerical control unit and its components. The physical support of the CNC consists of a metal case containing the system CPU board and is directly connected to the operator panel. The front panel with the 10.4” TFT colour monitor holds the operator console, 6 function keys with LED's which the OEM can use for customising via the machine logic and the 3 keys for CYCLE START, HOLD and RESET.

The analogic 10/110 is a single process controller which can manage 4 analog axes.
It includes:

  • VIA EDEN 400 MhZ CPU board (ProX-1260)
  • 32 Mb RAM memory
  • 10.4’’ TFT colour
  • Hard Disk>=2GB
  • Interface to manage Osai external keyboard
  • Interface for Osai FDU kit 3,5’’ 1,44 Mb
  • Console interface, 7 horizontal softkeys and 6 function keys with Leds, all integrated in the panel
  • 1 RS-232 COM1 serial line
  • 1 RS-232/422/485 COM2 serial line (RS-232 set by default)
  • 1 Ethernet RJ45 10 Mbit/s
  • 3 + 5Vdc differential type encoder channels with wire break detection
  • 4 D/A converters ± 10v 14 bit
  • 2 12-bit A/D converters in voltage mode with two ±5v / ±10v configurable ranges
  • 48 local inputs 24v
  • 24 24V local outputs with short-circuit protection - 300 mA per output – powered from an external source
  • 1 probe input
  • 1 relay contact for the management of emergency contacts on the machine
  • power supply with 24Vdc rated voltage, 2.2 A max
  • 1 connector for expansion board (code 291235Z)

The system is completed by the external keyboard (code 93000322D) and the connection cable (code 93000354E).

Please specify the COM2 configuration by adding a note (while entering the order) with the following codes. 
Code:          93000910L : for requesting the tuning of the RS-422 line on COM2
Code:          93000911D : for requesting the tuning of the RS-485 line on COM2


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